Carl Sacklen

Election Time Again - What To Expect

I wrote in a previous post that Theresa May shouldn’t call a snap election and I stand by the reasons for that. A snap election now would cripple the opposition and leave the government with even fewer checks.

Tactically, the move to call for a snap election may be one of May’s smartest moves, however. Here are some quick thoughts about what to expect in the coming weeks.

1) Brace yourself for a Lib Dev revival

The Lib Dems have proved themselves to be a nimble and fierce voice following the EU referendum and we can expect that to pay off in June. They will appeal to both socially liberal voters who can’t bring themselves to side with the archaic policies of Corbyn and voters who still (naively) believe Britain can remain in the EU. Let’s hope we finally get strong opposition out of them.

2) The Conservatives will make gains in the North

Theresa May has shown she’s a capable leader and this rapport has made her almost equally popular with the poor as with the affluent. As a retainer who now just wants to get the whole Brexit process rolling, she connects with many voters and will be the prime choice for many in the Labour heartlands.

3) Jeremy Corbyn will be caught by surprise

The spotlight will fall on the Labour party for much of the campaigning leading up to the election. Polling has placed him among some of the least successful opposition leaders in modern politics and you can expect him to lose big in the upcoming election. It will be interesting to see what manifesto his team manages to scramble together.

4) The Evening Standard will endorse…

With Osborne enjoying his new part-time role as editor of the Evening Standard alongside being an MP, it will be interesting whether he chooses to endorse a particular party. If the paper sides with the Tories, a lot of questions will be asked. Maybe he’ll use the election to resign as MP and take up banking/editing full time? Who knows.