Carl Sacklen

New Blog

There are some changes to the blog that I’d like to announce.

What I Want to Focus On

I’ve spent the last year and a half writing about general politics and economics. It’s been a great way to find my footing and get used to writing online. I’ve come to the conclusion now, though, that I need to find a niche. There are lot’s of good politics and economics blogs out there and I’m unsure whether I can provide something substantially different.

I’m very interested in the intersection between international relations and global economics/politics so I’ve decided that’s what I want to dedicate my blog to. More specifically, I want to write about European politics and all things loosely related to it. Hopefully, this should provide some direction for myself when I sit down to write.

The Site

After almost two years on Wordpress, I’ve needed a change. To be honest, Wordpress was getting on my nerves; it’s a great site for those wishing to make a complex site or have deep pockets of cash to spend on premium themes. For me, though, it was a relatively clunky way of blogging with which I always had to compromise, be it on layout, speed, or functionality.

Now, the blog is hosted on Jekyll. It took some time to set up, especially for someone like me who has no experience of code, but I’m very happy with the result. I’m probably explaining it wrong, but the website is just a collection of HTML pages, meaning the load times are incredibly fast. It also means I can write my posts offline and place them in a certain file. When I’m ready to post, I just enter a command line.

This guide by Joshua Lande proved extremely useful, as did this step-by-step guide.

The move means some of my accompanying pictures have not been transferred along with the text. I’ll be going through the posts to fix this in the future. If you encounter any issues, please contact me so they can be fixed!