Carl Sacklen

Win on Personality, Lose on Personality

Theresa May made this election all about her. It was her team. It was her negotiations. It was her name wrapped around the campaign bus. So the Conservatives’ failure at improving their power falls on her shoulders.

May made the election about Brexit and leadership yet failed to show much of both. In shirking from the leaders debates - whatever the intentions - she came across as feeble yet aloof. Brexit was a touchy topic, sure, but it was one that Theresa May declined to touch almost at all. Indeed her campaign published their twelve core aims but, rife with dementia tax controversy - much of the talk was about issues closer to home.

With attack ads and focus on personality, this was election quickly evolved into a Presidential election. This focus on the leaders - and the subsequent humiliation for the Conservatives that followed - means much of the blame for the hung parliament is with Theresa May. So much for strong and stable.

Now, for the second time in a year Britain is left with an uncertain future. In seeking to selfish political gain, Theresa May squandered any remaining political capital. It was cocky and naive to call an election so close to the start of Brexit negotiations. After all, it was that impending deadline which she used an excuse to skip the leadership debate. So why call the election so close?

Because she took her position for granted. She assumed the British people would swallow any rhetoric she forced onto them and would vote blindingly in her favour. After all, her main opponent was Jeremy Corbyn - a left-wing nut job, right? Right?

Agree with Corbyn or not, he put on a fantastic campaign which was filled with optimism. Yes, his team was incompetent and much of the manifesto seemed unattainable, but unlike May, he didn’t patronise voters with soundbite. Even with the manifesto Corbyn managed to clobber together, May suffered defeat. Legally she won, but politically she lost.

Theresa May made the campaign about herself, so she should blame her humiliating victory on herself too. Many good and honest MPs lost their jobs because of it.